Saturday, April 3, 2010

I ran! And I wasn't even being chased!

And while my boobs (and back) hurt from lots of excessive bouncing, they didn't hit me in the head and concuss me like I was afraid (Maybe cause they're shrinking! Cause I'm down 14 pounds so far!)

It's been GORGEOUS out these last few days, here in lovely metro Detroit, and I decided that I could skip the gym in favor of going for a walk/possible very slow jog outside. So I drove myself to downtown Walled Lake, a quick 3 minute drive, and decided to walk along the east side of the lake. One way, it's about 1.7 miles.

I got to the midpoint, and stopped to stretch cause my calves were definitely burning a bit. I was down by the water, and suddenly 'Eye of the Tiger' came on my playlist (FIST PUMPING!) and I was like, "Oh, what the hell," and decided to go for it. So I ran through the grass up the little hill (maybe a bad way to start off...) and back the way I came.

I made it the whole damn song running.

Sure, I was running slow. I was barely able to breathe once I slowed down. My heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to jump out of me. But I? Ran.

I walked for another five minutes or so, and then 'Mr. Brightside' came on, and that song pumps me up too, so I tried running again. I got about halfway through that song.

I was tempted to try again, but of course, at this point, my boobs were close to actually being separated from the rest of my body from flying around all willy-nilly, so I figured I'd give the poor girls a break.

But now? I know I can do it. It's gonna take a lot. I'm gonna have to work at it. But suddenly, my goal of running in the 5K I've always walked every December seems a little more attainable.

And that, to me, is everything.

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