Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Gym- I hate it when you kick my ass. And then laugh about it. Love, Andrea.

So, post-workout, Day 2. I would do this later, but I'm not sure I'll be able to move my arms.

When my alarm went off at 4.30 this morning, I really had to fight myself to get out of bed. I think I spent at least 8 minutes arguing with myself over snoozing an extra five minutes, or just going back to bed altogether and being lazy today, or only going to the gym for a little while so I could go a little later. By the time I finished with that, it was about 4.40 and I made myself flip on my light and throw the covers off, and....well, it worked. I got ready just so I could put on my fleece to go outside, because it was freeeezing.

Did cardio first, as usual (or as usual as it can be, for being day 2...but that's how I used to do it, so I guess it still can be considered 'as usual' (and I think that's how most people do it. Isn't it? I don't know (not one to really grill people on their gym habits (this is too many parentheses (i should probably stop it now))))).
I decided to do arms/back/shoulders today, since I did legs yesterday. I started with the triceps press (that guy is super hot. HA.) and was feeling pretty good, cause apparently my triceps have not given way to jello yet.
Next machine was the biceps curl. First of all, it was not like the machines I'm used to; it was set up different (I looked for a picture, but I couldn't find one). Second of all? I wasn't lying all those times I joked about having the upper arm strength of a kitten. I couldn't even do HALF of what I was doing last summer, which was pretty discouraging. I am attributing part of that to it being a different machine that I'm not used to, but still. Frustrating. I had that issue with most of the bicep machines.
Loving the machines I have no issues on though. All the back and shoulder ones? Yea, I made them my bitch. I laughed in their damn face. I said, "You want 12 reps? Yea, I'll give you 15. You want 3 sets? I'll give you 5, and you'll take 'em all, and you'll like it. Slut." (I said this in my head, by the way. I don't need to scare the other patrons. Or the employees. At least not this soon.)

So, all in all, a pretty good workout. I know once I get through a couple weeks I'll start building my muscle back up, and I won't feel like such a damn weakling. That's one of the minor goals of this whole process, so I just have to remember not to get discouraged when I suck at things early on, and keep my eyes on the prize: being healthy and strong for the first time in my adult life.


  1. Making the machines your bitch? You're my hero!

  2. Most women don't have any upper arm strength at all. It's something you really have to work at!

  3. Thanks Jen :-) I do try!

    Mom - You'd figure we all would, what with lugging kids around and crap. Luckily I don't know that much about that!

  4. Think about your throwing arm for softball. You are going to KICK SOME BOO-TAY!!!

  5. I know, right? I am pumped to seriously kick some butt this year!



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