Thursday, March 11, 2010

The dog ate my gym shoes (and other excuses to skip the gym)

1 - My knees hurt.
2 - My hips hurt.
3 - My back hurts.
4 - My duodenum hurts.
5 - I have an awful sunburn. (This is true. If your skin cracks when you lift your arms to do something as complicated as get dressed, or brush your teeth, then maybe the gym can wait.)
6 - It's nature's special time.
7 - I really, really, really want to sit at home and watch informercials.
8 - I fell at softball and I'm bleeding profusely from the leg. (Again, this is another valid one. Biohazard.)
9 - It's too nice out.
10 - It's too cold out.
11 - It's going to take me 20 minutes just to scrape off my windshield.
12 - My sports bra broke. (INCREDIBLY valid, if you're bigger than an A-cup, which I certainly am. Bouncing through a workout? Not good.)
13 - I woke up too late.
14 - I woke up too early.
15 - My hair looks really cute today.
16 - I don't have anything to wear.
17 - It's the Sabbath.
18 - I'm just going to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's, anyway.
19 - I'm out of water bottles to take with me.
20 - The creepy guy, with the neck and back hair that creepily stares at you on the dirty machines? Has started asking you if you want to share water after your workout. You're afraid you might punch him in the throat if you have to see him again.


Typically, I am the type of person who will use any excuse to get out of doing something I'm not interested in.
Right now, I have a blister on the top of the ball of my left foot, and one on the outside of my right heel. It's making walking pretty painful.
Normally, this would be the excuse that would have me sleeping in and avoiding the gym. Which is bad, because every other time I've had an 'injury' and taken a couple days off? Yea. I never went back.
Not this time, though. I've been working through the pain - I slowed down some on the treadmill, and I tried the recumbent bike for a while this morning, figuring it would be easier on me.
I'm giving myself a gold star for still going, and not giving up.


Potentially weighing in tomorrow. I'm contemplating switching my days to Friday, so the weekend won't be as daunting. I probably won't decide til tomorrow morning. I'm excited to see either then or Sunday how I've done this week!

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