Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Note to self: Try to avoid fist-pumping to 'Eye of the Tiger' in public....

It's just after 6am, and I've already worked out for an hour.
Me. Gym. Morning. Hell, even if you take the gym out of that equation, it's unheard of.

But the gym? Working out? Breaking a sweat for a reason other than heat?

I mean, let's be honest here. I certainly only like to have an increase in my heart rate during certain activities (and I think you all know what I mean ;-)), and while they can be done at a gym, it's not very encouraged.

But there I was...5am, and chugging away on the treadmill. The first few minutes were rough, but after four minutes or so, something changed....

I wish I could say that it was eye-opening. That I realized that I love working out. That I understand that exercise is an incredibly part of being healthy, and getting fit will be fantastic. That the endorphins started flowing (and endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don't kill their husbands....)

Oh no. It was way better than that.
'Eye of the Tiger' came on my playlist.
Is there anyone in the world who can hear that song and not suddenly feel the need to run up some stairs?
Yea, I didn't think so.

So that comes on, and I had two problems.
1 - That song ALWAYS makes me sing along, fist-pump, play air drums, and generally act like an asshole. Never fails. Do I really want to be known as the crazy girl at the gym? No. Not yet, anyway. Suppressing those urges? Damn near impossible. But I did it.
2 - The aforementioned need to run up some stairs? I didn't have stairs handy, but I was on a treadmill. I felt that I could run. Maybe I could have. I was walking at a pretty good clip at that point. But...and here is my secret fear...I am TERRIFIED of running on treadmills. I always think that I will end up one of those poor (and/or stupid) suckers on YouTube. You know the ones I'm talking about. The people who just fly right off. I like to think I have the common sense (or perhaps not-so-common) not to try to jump (or dance) onto a fast-moving treadmill, but still. This is me. I trip over air. A fall on a treadmill? Wouldn't be much of a shock.

Anyway, I continued walking. Quickly. And sang along in my head. But after that, the workout didn't seem too bad, and the time seemed to fly. As usual, my life is better because of music.

What's your favorite song to workout to? What gets you pumped up?


  1. Oddly enough, the song entitled "He's a Pirate" which you might recognize as the theme to Pirates of the Carribean. Plus, I can picture Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom at the same time.

  2. I'm kind of astounded that you managed to restrain yourself from fist-pumping to Eye of the Tiger. I usually end up subconsciously air-boxing while I'm running, before I realize what I'm doing, look around for people, and then continue if none are in sight. :)

    I love the blog, Andrea. I've struggled with my weight the past few years, and now I think I have it under control, but it's terrifying to be going home where I know all my bad habits are waiting for me. So thanks for the encouragement to be strong when faced with Ben & Jerry's, and good luck to you in your journey!

  3. I work out to rock... not dance/pop music. Oh, yeah: Def Leppard, Skid Row, INXS, Guns n Roses, etc. It keeps me motivated and maybe a little angry which keeps me more motivated. Sometimes I'll do the upbeat/dance route when doing cardio, but if I'm doing weights at all. It has to be the rock. And... now I have to get back to the gym because you're making me look bad.

  4. MAW - HA! Love it! Johnny and Orlando can be powerful motivators :-)

    Allie - Believe me, I am too. It's probably only cause they don't know me there yet. When I'm at work though? Expect full on Pantomime Show-like goodness.

    Beth - Yea, I am loving my 'Supernatural' playlist cause it's all classic rock and, as they so aptly put it on the show, mullet rock. Although if I slip a little Lady Gaga in, that's good too :-)



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